Our Mission

To Simplify Cybersecurity.

Blue Team Cyber aims to reduce complexity in Cybersecurity programs. We take a people-first approach to understanding how our clients’ business works, and then develop systems to simplify and enhance their Cybersecurity program. Creating a universal system that encompasses all Cybersecurity program elements, while supporting business outcomes, is key. Blue Team Cyber provides consulting, systemization, and automation to implement said universal system. Cybersecurity is not easy, but it can be simple.

To Focus on People First, Not Technology.

Not all technology platforms are equal, we admit it. There are several commonalities, however, in how technology is adopted in a given organization. We have seen many instances where a given platform is chosen to solve a problem, only to be left gathering dust due to resource conflicts and office politics. Our people-first approach enables us to build detailed requirements and set realistic expectations with regards to deploying solutions to provide the greatest value. Once we work thorough requirements and get buy-in from stakeholders on timelines, deliverables, and roles and responsibilities, the technology practically deploys itself.*

To Build Lasting Programs

In many cases, Cybersecurity programs change from leader to leader. It is our goal, our mission, to help your organization develop a Cybersecurity program that will last. Even though your organization may evolve over time, we aim to develop the policies, processes, and standards that can help you grow securely. Whether you’re adding new business units, acquiring (or being acquired), or pivoting into a whole new industry, The Blue Team has your back. Let’s work together to build a Cybersecurity program that will last through thick and thin.


*But not really. We still need to do the work.

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